Friday, June 25, 2010

Growing growing growing

I was looking through the pictures on my bberry today and I came across a few I forgot I had taken. Here's a picture of Sofia -- taken the day she was discharged from the can see the splint on her right hand for the IV. It's not a great picture, but do you see the pink tub she's holding??

I used that to give her a bath -- I gave her a bath right on her bed with warm, soapy water from that tub. When I had asked about giving her a bath and they brought me the tub, I had to laugh. That wasn't the first time she had had a bath in the pink bathtub. When the girls were in the NICU after they were born, we used those pink tubs to give them a bath then as well. Only it was just a little bit different...............................
When I see Sofia holding that tub, I can't believe she ever fit inside - with room to spare!! Amazing.

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