Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big change #1

I said in a previous post that the girls have some pretty big things coming up over the next several months. And big change #1........moving out of the crib. My sister thinks we're insane......and if I think about it for too long, I probably would agree - haha! There's definitely logic to our madness and after talking about it, we decided it was time to jump in.

Today I spent the day cleaning out their room.....glider and ottoman, diaper genie, trash can and side table -- gone. Dressers - fully checked over to ensure they were secure. Clothes basket - stored in the closet. CD player - moved to the top of the tall dresser. All outlets covered. And last but not least......all loud toys removed and replaced with books and quiet toys!

We gave it a try at nap time and had okay results. A 2-hour nap (after some coaxing by Mommy and Grandma).......not quite success for sleeping in the beds. See.

But that's okay! They still slept! I put those pillows in front of their beds to catch them should the fall, but they had other ideas!

Tonight is the first night-time sleep in the new beds. The girls played outside all afternoon and were worn out. And you better believe that was totally planned! After baths and brushing teeth, we headed to bed......Sofia laid down quickly. Olivia.......not so much. She gets really cranky when she's tired. Really cranky. We put her in her bed and she got up and went to Sofia's bed and laid her head at the bottom of Sofia's bed while kneeling on the floor. I put her back in her bed....and back to Sofia's bed she went. I finally decided I would just leave her as long as she wasn't bothering Sofia. When I turned around to leave, Olivia had moved to laying on one of the pillows in front of Sofia's bed.

We left her crying (and Sofia still quiet) and she cried for about 5 minutes, but I never heard her standing at the gate to their room. (If you've not seen pics before, we've always had a gate at their doorway to keep the dog out.......and sometimes to keep them in - ha! - so this wasn't something new to them) I count that a success. Just as I was about to go upstairs to console Olivia, it got really quiet and we didn't hear a peep from her again. (Nor did we hear any other unusual noises or crashes indicating she had found a way to start some trouble!)

Before D went to bed he checked in on the girls and he said Sofia was sleeping in her bed and Olivia was still sleeping on the floor in front of Sofia's bed. D picked her up and put her in her bed and she's still there as I type! I'll save the celebration because it surely would jinx us!!!

Wish us luck.......big change #1 is underway!

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