Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The truck that plays happy music

When I was little, my mom taught me that the ice cream truck that drove around the neighborhood was just a truck that played music to make people happy. Ha! We laughed about that as we listened to the music on the streets of my neighborhood.....and then I couldn't resist getting the girls their very first ice cream from the ice cream truck. I wonder if they'll remember the next time they hear the music, or if we can go back to the truck that plays music to make people happy - haha. I have a feeling they'll remember. Their little memories never cease to amaze me!

We did, indeed, enjoy the ice cream..........

And what a treat for an insanely hot day. Ugh! It's been so hot these last couple of weeks and it's way too hot to be outside except for later in the evening or early in the morning. And the mosquitoes...........oh my goodness the mosquitoes. No matter how hard we try, the girls have little bites here and there. They're starting to build up some immunity, but that's certainly not our intent!!
All continues to be well with baby girl. I'm feeling her move more and more and I feel like I'm growing faster than I did with the girls. I'm half way there so we're heading down the other side of the mountain......and I already feel like a mountain - haha! I'm certainly not going to enjoy getting bigger and bigger as it gets hotter and hotter (but let's be honest....can it get much hotter?), but bring it on. 40 weeks, here we come. Well. How about 39 weeks. 39 weeks is just fine with me - haha!

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Cincerely said...

We had our backyard sprayed for mosquitos by our pest control company. It has really helped. Doesn't get rid of 100% -- after all if the neighbors don't spray....but I can at least sit out by the pool in the evening while Tux runs around the yare & my ankles are not covered in bites.