Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ending Easter Sunday with a trip to the ER

What a beautiful day for a great church service and time with family. Well....most of the family. Sofia has been feeling under the weather for a couple of days and she started running a fever last night so D and I decided he would stay home with Sofia while Olivia and I enjoyed the festivities.

Olivia and I picked up Nana (my grandmother) and met my parents at church. The service was great and Olivia was so good. The funniest part was how, when the music and singing would stop (and of course it was totally silent), she said "Yay!!!" and clapped. I'm glad the people around us found her really cute and got quite a chuckle.

Then it was on to Aunt Ra-Ra's house for lunch with the fam and an Easter egg hunt. We definitely missed Sofia and Daddy, though.

When I got home, Sofia and Daddy were in our bed and Sofia wasn't very happy.....although she was pretty happy to see Olivia. Olivia walked in the room and said "Hi Pia!" and Sofia (quite pitifully) said "Hi Sissy!" We were sitting downstairs and I noticed that she looked like she was breathing a little heavy. She also sneezed and it just seemed....."funny"....almost shallow. D and I talked about it and decided we should have her checked out. It was after 5pm on Easter Sunday - we decided the ER was the best place to go. And I'm so glad we did.

I must always hear horror stories about sitting for hours and hours in the ER. While I was waiting for my mom to get to my house, I was getting my fleece....a change of clothes for Sofia....quarters for the vending machine -- you know - because I expected to be there all night. Much to my surprise.....we were in the waiting room for less than 5 minutes before they called us back. There's a special part of the ER for children and once we were in a triage room, I don't think we sat in a room alone for more than a couple of minutes before someone else came in. There wasn't even a stop in the billing office for insurance, etc before we were taken back. Maybe I just haven't been in an ER in a long time and this is how it's done now -- and maybe having a child as the patient makes all the difference, but it was a very good experience.

Several people listened to her breathing and they said they couldn't hear wheezing, but then again - she wasn't a happy camper so I'm not sure what they could hear over her crying. They decided to x-ray her and while we were waiting on the results, a respiratory therapist came in for a breathing treatment. Once the breathing treatment was complete, we waited for a couple of minutes and the pediatrician came in and said something about the breathing treatment not mattering and that she had pneumonia. I'm sorry.......what? Really? They even showed us the x-rays and she has it in both lungs. My heart skipped a beat when I heard the official diagnosis. As a preemie, even though they're almost 2, they're still at a higher risk for respiratory infections, RSV, etc. so needless to say I'm pretty worried.

They said her oxygen saturation was pretty good despite the pneumonia so they decided the best course of treatment was to let her go home with antibiotics. So we watch her to make sure she doesn't start working harder to breathe and wait for the antibiotics to kick in. Bless her heart - she's laying next to me sleeping as I type and I can hear her having trouble breathing. I won't be sleeping much tonight.............

So! How's that for an Easter Sunday, right? All in all a day that started out great and ended a little scary, but we'll get through it! Below are some pictures from today. Olivia's in the dress and pink top - Sofia's in the white shirt.

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