Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lions and tigers and bears.....oh my! our case.... elephants and turtles and giraffes, oh my! We took the girls to the zoo this past Wednesday. They've been once before when we were on vacation visiting family, but they were quite young then and not as aware of the animals. The weather was gorgeous and it was so nice to be out and about.

We didn't let the girls get out of the stroller so it was hard to see some of the animals...but there were way too many people around (it's spring break) for two little girls to be toddling around this time. Maybe next time! We did get to see quite a few animals, though...........

See Olivia's face in this picture? (she's on the left)

That's because she saw this big guy......

.....and she was not a fan! We weren't sure if they could see the elephants until one came walking across the exhibit. And Olivia screamed. When it stopped walking and was still, she stopped, but as soon as it started again, the screaming continued. We moved on pretty quickly!

When we would stop at an exhibit, D and I would say "Do you see the {insert animal}" It took only a few stops and the girls would sit up, point, and say "See? See?" See?!

Both of the girls have started to hold their hands out when they're a question, and Sofia's new thing is to ask "Is it?" (where is it?) In this picture we had been sitting (in the shade!) watching the lion for quite a while and when the lion walked out of sight, Sofia (on the right) looked around and then said "Is it?" Olivia hasn't quite gotten the "Is it?" but she does have the hand motions down....

We assumed Olivia was scared of the elephants because of their size so we weren't sure how she would like the giraffes.........apparently being large in height isn't quite so scary - haha!

We stayed for only a short time - the place was crawling with people and I thought I was going to have to get all "Mommy" for a minute when people would practically climb on the front of the stroller to get a look at whatever animal we were watching. But! It was a beautiful day and I was patient - haha! We'll definitely go back soon when we're prepared to let the girls walk so they can get a better view!

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