Monday, April 5, 2010


I was going to title this post "jinx" because that would have been fitting. We got home from the ER and gave Sofia her medicine and were excited because she ate a fruit cup and drank some Gatorade. We were excited until we saw it again the next hour and that was definitely not enough time to get the antibiotics in her system. You know. In my expert medical opinion, right?! Ahem.

I knew I wasn't up for putting her to sleep in her bed last night so I let her lay on the couch next to me so I could watch her. Around midnight it was time for her next round of ibuprofen for her fever and she didn't even keep that down for five minutes. With the earlier vomiting and now this, we felt like she didn't have much in her system for meds and I was getting more worried because her breathing seemed more labored as the evening had passed. We called the emergency nursing line just to make sure we weren't overreacting. After all - her color was good so we knew she was still getting enough oxygen but we were worried because it was going to be a long time before her next round of meds and the thought of her going another night mostly untreated wasn't a good idea to me.

Maybe it's just me, but as D and I were talking about what to do, I kept thinking "Am I overreacting?" Afterall - we had been in the ER and heard about everything we were supposed to watch for and, for the life of me, I couldn't remember......"Was she like this before our I thinking too much about it......maybe I'm making it up? Surely I'm not making it up, right?" Maybe most people would have packed their little one up without a second thought and went right back. I guess I was looking for some kind of validation that it wasn't in my head. After all - I knew that going back could, most likely, result in her being admitted and with that would come pokes and prods and IV's, etc. etc.

But. We did decide to take her back and we were, indeed, admitted. She was poked and prodded and there have been a gazillion stethoscopes passed over her little body. We finally got settled into her room after 4am. I went home and grabbed about 3 hours of sleep while D stayed here with Sofia. My mom was home with Olivia who has been oblivious to everything. I mean - she knows Sofia is sick -- she's offered Sofia her juice and tried to share her snacks. It's been interesting to see how they both act. I'm thinking back, and I don't think they've ever been apart overnight and by the time we get home, this will be the longest they've been separated. They have both been asking for eachother....Olivia walks around the house saying "Pia! Come 'ere Pia!" and when I walked in the room this morning Sofia mumbled something that ended in "see Sissy" (yes - still not a big fan of the sissy thing but it appears to be sticking for the moment. I think "Olivia" or "Livie" is more of a mouth full than sissy. Although - she does call Livie "Pia" sometimes, too, so we work a little harder to correct that - ha!) So young but so aware!

The doctor came by today and his thought is that maybe she doesn't have pneumonia. He kept saying her pneumonia wasn't "impressive" and he may not have called it pneumonia had he diagnosed last night. I'll be the first to tell you .... this is one area where I'm happy to not excel and will be glad to take something that's much less than impressive! He did say that, because she was dehydrated, the xray may not have been a good shot of what's going on -- in either direction -- so he's keeping us here overnight and he's loading Sofia up on fluids to get her hydrated again and they'll do another xray in the morning. It sounds like, if she keeps doing well like she is, pending the results of the xray, we could be going home tomorrow. Let's all hope so!

So. That's that. I'm sitting here watching Sofia sleep and looking at the view out the window. Parking lot and the helipad. Hopefully my next post will be from home.......

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