Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still here

I was hoping to be writing from home today, but instead I'm sitting in the same chair from yesterday watching my sweet Sofia sleeping in her crib in her too-big hospital gown and her little arm in a splint for the IV. She's definitely feeling better today -- the ran fluids all night and she was definitely re-hydrated this morning and she was finally able to get some really good sleep.

We were up most of the night as she would cough and cough and cough which would wake her up and then she would want to be held. She would go back to sleep in my arms, but would wake easily and every time I had to move. At one point, I lowered the side on her crib and climbed into her bed to hold her to see if I could get her to sleep there, but she woke up when I tried to get out. Finally, around 6am, she had enough of me and was glad to lay in her bed. She slept so soundly until 11am that she barely even changed positions. She usually cries when anyone other than family comes in the room....but this morning it was a revolving door of doctors and nurses and she didn't even flinch. She was out. And she took another great nap this afternoon. She definitely needed the sleep.

We're still in the hospital because we're waiting on the final blood culture results to come back which will possibly confirm bacterial pneumonia. I saw the same doctor as yesterday (the one who wasn't impressed) and I think he was surprised at the initial positive blood culture for bacteria and did decide that Sofia did, indeed, have pneumonia. They did another xray this morning around 11 but we've not yet heard about that either. Apparently, though, the doctor is expecting this xray to look worse than the one from Sunday if she does have this kind of pneumonia. Even though she may be feeling better, her lungs may not be clear for a while.

He told me that if it is bacterial pneumonia, that will change the course of treatment -- she'll go to a stronger antibiotic that will probably have to be administered by IV. I asked him what that meant for our hospital stay and he said "Well - we probably won't keep you for the full 10 to 14 days - I think we can arrange to do IV meds at home." Oh wow. Not what I was expecting.

So. That's where we are. D is staying with Sofia tonight while I sleep at home and then we'll change up in the morning. There's still a chance it's not bacterial pneumonia, but I'm trying to not have any expectations either way.

Here's hoping for a trip home tomorrow.....

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