Sunday, January 3, 2010

Like Mommy.......

Big Sigh!!!! I've been on vacation for the past 2 weeks.....which is a long time....but it never really seems like enough, does it? It's been a great but hectic couple of weeks and, while I was hoping for a little more down time, I think this is just how life is.......great but hectic. Now begins the crazy work hours for the next couple of months and we're starting off with a bang......after this week, I'm working out of town for the better part of 3 weeks and, thankfully, D and the girls are going with me. If I have to travel, this is the way I like to go.

Now is also the time when I seem to drop out of sight....I'll do my best to keep updating as often as I can.....although the fingers won't be flying over the keyboard to blog, the finger will still be clicking the button to capture pictures!

Speaking of fingers flying........on Christmas Eve, the girls received their very own laptops from D's parents. After Olivia opened one of them, D raised the top and gave it to her........and would you believe that Olivia placed her hands on the keyboard and started moving her fingers like she was typing. It was absolutely hilarious..........................
Ya think she notices things?!?!?! Sofia did the same thing a while later - we didn't capture that on film, but we laughed just as hard. And then D looked at me.....ahem.

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