Monday, January 4, 2010

Growing up

Remember these little cuties from last Christmas?
Ah yes.....first Christmas all around for the girls and their friends Preston and Javen last year. This year, we had another chance to get the little ones together and it was a totally different story.............
Look how much they have all grown! As you can imagine, it was nearly impossible to get everyone to look at the camera so we'll have to settle for Olivia's back. The kids played well together and it's so awesome to see how they have all changed over the last year!
While we were still visiting with Preston and his parents, D stopped for dinner. I wasn't thinking much of it while I was chatting with R&R, but when I looked up, I saw D
and his audience. Had they been taller, they would have been eying those fries!! The funniest thing, though, was how 2 little heads always followed the fry to the hands of the recipient:
Too funny! It's always great to get together with friends and so neat to watch the kiddos growing up together!

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