Monday, December 29, 2008

Doesn't this look like trouble??!!??!!

Ever seen the chip commercial where the moms are talking about how much fun they're having on their playdate and then it cuts to the kids and they're infants sleeping in their car seats?? Haha. In the picture, from the left, are Olivia, Sofia, Preston (R&R's little guy) and Javen (T&D's little one). The 3 of us (couples....or 6 of us) hang out quite a bit and how crazy that we've all had babies this year. Had I made it to my due date, they all would be 2 months apart. It's so neat to see them together and we've all just had to laugh when we talk about our Christmas and New Year's Eve parties last year compared to this year (um - no parties!). Again I say what a difference a year makes!!

Here's to great friends raising great friends!

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