Monday, November 30, 2009

On the road to recovery

This was us today......
resting and still recovering. And, seriously, this was all 4 of us today. Of course I wouldn't even think of putting a picture of me and D on here as we're recovering......we're not nearly as cute! I thought this picture was cute because the girls are laying in just about the same position. And for once, they're not crying because the body part of one is touching the body part of another. Seriously. They do that. But they're still cute.

We had our 18-month wellness visit today and the girls looked great. Olivia weighed in at 19lb13oz and, keeping with the trend, Sofia weighed 18lb13oz. Sofia measured 30" long and Olivia measured 32", but I think she got a wrong measurement on Olivia, who was very angry that she was being laid out on the table to be measured so she was squirming quite a bit. We talked a little about the girls being sick over the weekend, and the pediatrician assured me that all the sleeping and laying around the girls continued to do was normal and expected after being sick like they were. She told us we could expect that for probably a week or so. It's strange going from having two very active babies to having two babies who could sleep the day away, or many times we find them awake but laying quietly. Then they'll get a burst of energy and play for a bit before they lay back down.

We can't seem to hit that 20lb mark which will let us turn their carseats to facing forward.......the law is one year old and at least 20lbs. We're getting concerned because the girls are getting taller and we now have to cross their legs for them to sit comfortably in the seat. Our pediatrician told us they face backward primarily to prevent neck injuries because they don't have the muscle tone to protect them in the event of an accident....and by 18 mos their muscle tone is fine....but the law is the law and I'm not about to break it! Hopefully by the new year we'll hit the mark and we can turn them around.

So December is here tomorrow and I have 3 weeks of work to go through before a nice long Christmas vacation. Why do I get the feeling that the next three weeks are going to drag by?!?!?!

P.S. - Don't you think that, as the girls grow, they look more and more alike? We've always been able to tell them apart so I think we've been somewhat immune to how much alike they really do look, but I'm starting to see it more and more. Especially when I have to do double.....ahem..and triple....takes at pictures to know who is who.

P.P.S - I always used to roll my eyes at people who told you their kids' ages in months....."Oh she's 28-and-a-half months". Really. But I get it now. I totally get it. Someone asked me the other day how old the girls were and I said (proudly I might add) "They're 18 months next week!" to which the someone replied (pausing to do the quick math) "Oh - so they're a year-and-a-half old." Right - a year and a half.....but that just seems so....old. And my babies aren't old....they're my babies. As long as I can count their ages in months they're still my babies. You think I'll embarass my kids when I proudly proclaim that they're 192 mos old???

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