Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reaching new heights. Literally.

Our (especially D's) days just got busier. Although the girls aren't walking quite yet, they're cruising, exploring and breaking out of the "gate" we have been able to use to confine them to the family room. I mean...I know it was just an ottoman and chair and a pillow that kept them in.....and we knew it would happen some time......but wow! They are in to everything! And while it's so cool to watch them explore, it's now time to bring on the baby-proofing. Big time!

So far, they have found all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. They found the baby wipes at the changing table we keep downstairs.....and as you can imagine, that resulted in a nice fluffy white pile all around them. They've found everything. The mess isn't just limited to the family room anymore!!

Yesterday, much to D's amazement, Sofia figured out how to pull herself up on the couch. She saw the telephone.....she wanted it.....and up she went!!! Luckily, he grabbed his cell phone (since our camera wasn't handy) and I was able to get "blow-by-blow" pictures. Of know what this means...............

Look what else I can climb......

Wow...there are so many.......
I think I'll rest here......
Whoa...this is high....and I'm not even half way there....
Hey Mommy....what's up there??
I'm so proud of me!
D was getting the girls' lunch together and the girls were playing in the foyer like they usually do and when he didn't hear them banging on the floor, he walked over for a closer look to find Sofia sitting on the third step just smiling and tapping her feet. Baby gates, here we come!!
Oh. And Olivia says:
I can do that too. I just don't want to show you right now.

Both girls have been a little under the weather for the last couple of days with runny noses, but Olivia has been quite the whiny little one. Long ago we dubbed her our "more needy" child, but this is unusual even for her. Although she hasn't had a fever, she has been sticking her fingers in and pulling on her ears --- I suggested teething, since she's also been chewing on her fingers --- to which D replied "Yeah - that's always your diagnosis." So we'll take her for a quick visit to the pediatrician today just to make sure everything's fine with her ears and hopefully we can make the tears go away!!
Our ears would sure appreciate that!

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