Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working on the spoon thing.....

The girls had a busy day yesterday......PT appointment in the morning and then a 6-month check-up also at the follow-up clinic. We had not been there since April and the girls have grown quite a bit since then. First - their weights.....Olivia weighed in at 19lb 1oz and Sofia was almost catching her at 18lb 11oz. I thought we were closer than that to turning the car seats around.....both girls are starting to look a little uncomfortable as their legs are getting longer, but we have that one more pound to go.

Other than the fact that Olivia was quite the pill yesterday, the follow-up visit was okay. I'm usually the one who gives D the pep talk about taking what we're told in stride and focusing on the positive things, but this time I'm the one who left a little.......I don't know what the right word is. It's not disappointed because that would imply that I'm not pleased with the girls' development, and that's certainly not the case. Deflated. That's a good word. We're so proud of how much the girls have really developed the last few months and we're "this close" to walking and the "talking" is starting to pick up as well, so it's a little deflating to sit down and have to focus on things they're not doing that they should be or how far behind they may be. And I say deflated about our performance as parents and not the girls' development --- hearing those things makes you second guess the things you're doing and whether or not we should be doing more than we are, etc.

I'm getting over it and am back to enjoying watching the girls continue to learn and change, but today D and I caught ourselves saying things like...."See -- she knows who Mommy is" or "Did you see that -- she used her right hand and not just her left" and then we would laugh.

But! In the spirit of "See what they can do"....we thought we'd give spoons a shot tonight. In the past we've given the girls spoons to hold as we would spoon feed them in the hopes that they would mimic our actions of scooping up the food, but spoons really became more of a distraction than anything else. Tonight we got smart......we scooped yogurt onto the spoons while they were holding them and the helped them get the spoon to their mouth. All it took was once and they were quite the little pros. Um...well.....close to being pros. After all - even the pros get yogurt on their face every now and again, right?!?! The first four are Olivia (with just a hint of attitude, don't you think?) and the last three are Sofia. Surprisingly....well you may not be but I certainly was....the mess really was limited to their cute little faces.

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