Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's all just talk

It's been so neat to realize that the girls are comprehending things and developing their vocabulary - and even cooler to hear them use words (or sounds that we know are meant to be words) in the right context. Here are a few things we're hearing from them now (whether on their own or after hearing us say it once, they'll say it over and over):

"Cack cack" response to "What does a duck say?"

"Hiiiii mama" or "Hiiiii"....usually to me when I walk in from being away

"Hiiii baba" ... "Hi baby" - What I usually say to them

"Raaa raaaa rrrAAAaaaa" - Sofia as she starts rocking back and forth to begin "Row row row your boat" (I LOVE this one!)

"No no no" - Olivia says this and the funniest thing is to hear her say it before we can when we catch her doing something she's not supposed to...we'll say "Olivia..." and she'll say "no no no" or if we do the same to Sofia, Olivia will chime in with "no no no" - quite cute!

"Yay!" - Olivia was playing with a toy and every time she dropped the ball in, she would say "Yay!".

Quite cute, indeed!

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