Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We've got wheels!

Not only are the girls growing up, but their toys are growing up as well! While in KY (which, btw, I'm still sorting through pictures. Did I mention I had almost 1000......from basically 3 days? If I didn't......I took a lot of pictures. And I'm still sorting.) we put the girls on a push toy at my aunt and uncle's house. I haven't thought about trying one of these toys and much to my surprise, the girls were almost instant pros at pushing themselves across the floor. First backwards, but then they also got the hang of going forward as well. On our next trip to the PT, we mentioned this new feat and we were pleased to learn that pushing themselves forward is great work for the abs....which strengthens "rotation with flexion". Of course....you know that meant we had to have some of these toys for the girls. I'm getting over (well.....sort of) my insistence that all things match and we bought one toy and then borrowed 2 others from my sister and D's sister. Check out the wheels!!!!

"Hey.....forget this walking thing - I'm liking the wheels"

"Hey Sofia.....wanna race?"
Maybe Sofia wants to be a mechanic when she grows up.......
"How cool are we?"
"Um. So how do I get off this thing when I want to play with something else?"
"Oh look. Extra storage. Mommy and Daddy are always saying we need more space for all of our toys."
Olivia paying Sofia back for all of the free rides she got earlier!

Both of the girls have figured how to get off of the toys, but they've not yet mastered getting on them unassisted. The pink car fits them the best for now - the other 2 are just a little bigger and they can't put both feet on the floor to push. That doesn't stop Sofia, though......she leans to one side and pushes herself with one foot. She does well but her one foot always gets her gradually into the wall!! They love riding these in the kitchen and the foyer - anywhere where there's not carpet. Haha - the other night (Sunday, to be exact), Olivia even learned that she can knock over the block towers I was building by running in to them on her car.
I sure do hope that's not foreshadowing!!

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