Friday, October 23, 2009

Under the weather

EDIT: Telling the same story twice is what I get for blogging so early in the morning!! My apologies!!

We had our first doctor's visit where we had to sit in the "sick waiting room". We've taken Olivia for an unscheduled visit before -- last year when her skin was really sensitive, but this was our first true "sick visit". They've not been out of control or running high fevers but then on Wednesday Olivia was inconsolable for most of the day. She may be our "more needy child" (as we say with lots of love!!) but that day was unusual even for her.

D said she spent most of the day rubbing her ears and whining if he went more than 6 inches away from her. It was a day to put all other tasks aside and give her a little extra attention. (you know.......they're starved for attention, right?!) D decided since both girls seemed to be the same, it was time for a visit to the pediatrician.....fully expecting to hear that Olivia had an ear infection. I initially suggested that maybe she was getting more teeth to which he replied "Yeah...that's always your diagnosis." Oh. Excuse me. I just thought with the mouth full of gums.........ahem. Ultimately, though, I agreed that an ear infection was possible and off we went.

Turns out we were right. About the ear infection, that is..............except we had the wrong kid. Olivia's ears looked great...not even the slightest hint of fluid build-up. Sofia, however, did have an ear infection albeit a mild one. We were both surprised by that one. So we got an education on ear infections since this was our first one. I think we did pretty well to get to 17 mos. before an ear infection showed up, don't you?? We headed out with our prescription for an antibiotic (actually.....we never even had the script in our hands.....gotta love the age of electronics!) and now have a new routine twice a day for the next 10 days (well....9 now!)

I'll leave you with a picture from yesterday morning....I did a little work from home before heading to their doctor's appointment. Can you see why I find it a little hard sometimes to work from home?!?!?!

PS - Olivia (in purple/white) has the craziest hair when she wakes up in the morning!! She definitely gets that from her Daddy!

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Cincerely said...

Now that's a new twist on "bring your daughter to work day". LOL. Love the photo & glad the ear infection is mild.