Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Olivia can move it move it!!

I think we can say it's official.........Olivia is mobile! We've been working with her for a few weeks and we can tell that she's been progressing, but it seems like it's been over the last couple of days that she's really taken off. She's "army crawling" and sometimes it seems like she's using her arms more than anything else, but when she sees something she wants, she goes.

The girls both seems to like to bounce things off the floor - or if they have a ball, they'll sort of toss it and then go after it. As D says - they like to "hang out around the fireplace" -- that's apparently where they spend most of their time either dropping things behind the grate or bouncing things off the slate tiles on the floor.

In other development news -- we have more teeth!! It's been quite a while since their first teeth, the bottom two, came in......back in February for both girls. I was starting to wonder if any more would ever come in - haha! It's been hard work trying to get a look at their gums.....and forget getting a finger in to feel their gums. Those bottom teeth really do work...ouch!! Over the past several days, every chance I get, I would try to get a look in their little mouths. Tonight I finally got to see for both and it looks like for Olivia, she has both top teeth coming in. Poor kid - that really must hurt. One tooth has broken through and you can tell the other one is close. I didn't get to see long enough to determine if any others were also coming in. Sofia appears to be getting a top tooth and possibly the one next to it (that's not her other top, front tooth), but she was harder to work with and I finally made her mad. And she bit me. Can't blame anyone but myself, right?! One of the top ones is definitely coming in, though. It will be so different to see their gummy smiles change, but still sweet.

Tonight we bought the girls some new blocks --- you remember - the wooden blocks with the ABC's and numbers on them in the bright colors. For such a simple toy there's hours of entertainment and lots of learning. Each block has a color on it - a capital and lower-case letter, a picture of something starting with that letter, a number and then some other symbol - usually something math related......you know + - x = . Very cool. Of course -- what do the girls want to do???? You guessed it - bang them on the floor.

Here's a cute video where you can see how they spend their time chasing toys around the kitchen......and make a note......you see TWO mobile kiddos!! (The video starts out with only Olivia in the shot). Oh - and you get to see Sofia with her latest --- sitting up from her tummy.

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