Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're in to squealing

The girls were so funny last night. They're really starting to interact with eachother more and more, but until this point, they've really either been stealing toys from eachother or copying one another.

We've always said that Sofia's favorite toy is whatever is in Olivia's hand -- and that continues to be true, only now Olivia is taking up for herself more and more. And for the copying.......if one sees the other clapping, she has to clap. If one plays peek-a-boo, the other one plays too. And so on, and so forth. And they're really starting to imitate us as well --- we make faces at them and it's hilarious to watch them trying to make similar faces back, or the other morning, D had lotion in his hands and was rubbing his hands together before he put the lotion on his face --- the girls were watching intently and he noticed they started rubbing their hands together, too. This whole interaction thing is really quite cool. I mean....they're little people!

Last night we pulled out the red wagon. Olivia loves to stand up so she was standing at the wagon while Sofia was sitting inside, facing Olivia. They started giggling at eachother and squealing back and forth at eachother. As always, when I pulled out the camera, they were a little distracted so this video isn't nearly as funny as they were before I started filming, but it's still quite cute to see them interact with eachother. And to test the strength of their lungs. Boy are they l.o.u.d!!!!

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Jessica said... cute! They are talking/squealing at each other! It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?