Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who can pick just one favorite picture?!

I'm trying something new....I'm bloghopping! It's a fantastic reason to put up some of my most favorite pictures of the girls.........like I need an excuse, right?!?! It was impossible to pick just one.

I'm really big on "then and now"..........time goes by so fast, but with each day I look at my girls and remember where we started and how much they've grown. So! Here you go.....then and now:

This one was taken in the NICU - the girls were about 3 weeks old and had already been moved to the step-down unit. I don't have my notes close by, but here they are in the 3-lb range. I love that they're holding hands. (Olivia-L; Sofia-R)

I call this one the "twin thing" - when they were little, I would lay them down next to eachother and they always seemed to end up in the same pose. This one was taken a year ago - the girls are 8 weeks (and we had been home from the hospital for about 2 weeks). (Olivia-L; Sofia-R)

This one is sweet more so because of the dog! (Picture taken a year ago as well) I was so worried about how our "first baby" would react to 2 newborns in the house. As you can see................(Olivia-L; Sofia-R)
Fast forward to their first birthday. I had this vision of the perfect pictures for their first birthday and I was blown away by the wonderful job our photographer did. These pictures were taken (and posted with permission) by Susan Brewer Photography and they have to be some of my most favorite pictures of the girls yet.
(Sofia-L; Olivia-R)
(Sofia-L; Olivia-R)
(Olivia-L; Sofia-R)

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The Gosfam said...

I am blog hopping. Your twins are adorable!! My sister has twins, but they are as different as different can be. So fun to be identical--they are right:)?

Maria@Conversations with moms said...

Great shots. It's amazing how fast they grow isn't it.

My sister has twins who aren't suppose to be identical but they look almost identical to me.

Suzan said...

Oh my goodness...they are too cute for words!!

The Sweet Life said...

You have beautiful little girls.

Paige said...

WOW...those are absolutely PRECIOUS pictures! Such beautiful girls!