Monday, June 1, 2009 MINE. Mommmmmy!

Even though they don't talk, that's what was going through my mind the other day as they were sharing. Yeah - that deserves air quotes. Big time.

Please. Join me in my living room. Oh. By the way. That would be Olivia on the left and Sofia on the right.

This is my blanket. I want it. (Olivia says to Sofia)
No. It's mine.
Nooooooo. I had it first.........
It's mine!
But I want it.
How about we share........
I'll just hold it right over here.
See.....we can share.
No we can''s mine.
See - not so hard to imagine, right?!?! Usually Sofia is the one who is taking the toys or whatever Olivia has. I've said it before - Sofia's favorite toy is whatever Olivia has in her hands.
The little sheet we got from the pediatrician said something about starting discipline. Oy. Here we go, right?!?!?! They're sisters.....they'll learn to share, right? Before they're 30??
Of course......where was the discipline? Where else....behind the camera obtaining photographic evidence for when they're older. Ahem.
PS. Cute bows, right?!?!?!?!?!

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Jessica said...

Yeah...we are struggling with this too! Right now, I'm just taking the item from whomever "stole" it and giving it back to the original player. When the original player is done, then the "stealer" can have it! KWIM? :)