Monday, June 8, 2009

Eggs, logistics and other randomness

It's been a few days since I've posted - sorry about that. I honestly don't know where the time goes sometimes. I have a bunch of randomness floating around in my head for things that have gone since I last posted so how about a bulleted list, shall we?!
  • Olivia is clapping now! All.the.time. We always encourage them when they do things - especially Olivia when she's on her tummy or rolling to her side. And it's always with clapping and "Yay " and more clapping. On Saturday my mom and Carter were playing "Row row row your boat" with the girls and would then clap when they were finished. And Olivia started clapping and she hasn't stopped - haha! It's so cute - if she has things in her hands and I say "Yay Olivia!", she immediately drops them to clap. Sofia has been clapping for a while, but now that she sees Olivia clapping, she's quicker to clap as well.
  • Raspberries. The cute way of saying "spitting". To say that both girls are huge fans of "blowing raspberries" doesn't really give you the right picture. Surely you don't envision shirts that are soaking wet as they "blow raspberries." No - it's definitely spitting and it's all over the place. It's funny -- this is the first thing where I've really noticed that one can get the other one started (other than crying, of course), but it happens every time. One of them will start spitting and the other one quickly follows suit. We were driving in the car on Saturday for about 20 minutes and from the moment we left until we arrived at our destination it was non-stop spitting. Blowing raspberries. Whatever. And they were soaked! We did get quite a laugh from it, though.
  • The girls had eggs for the first time this past weekend and they loved them. Even Olivia who doesn't seem to care for new textures when she first tries them. Usually the taste wins over texture, and that was true with eggs. Scrambled eggs. Sofia is quite the pro at feeding herself - on Sunday I gave them eggs (that was the second time) and put them on the tray to see if they could manage. Sofia went to town. Olivia is also able to feed herself, but she would still prefer that we feed her - ha!
  • Saturday, D worked so the girls and I had breakfast at his mom's restaurant (where D was working) and then set out to the store. As I was driving to the store, I realized that I had a dilemma. I knew I was going to need a shopping cart, but my stroller isn't one that can be easily steered with one hand. Oh what to do. As I pulled in to the parking lot I was looking at the carts that were in the outside return and thought maybe, just maybe, they would both fit in the top part. I was right! I used one of our high chair covers to cover the seat and I put one on each side sort of facing eachother. I bought them toothbrushes so I gave them each their toothbrush to hold and all was well in the world! I was free to shop as long as I wanted.
  • As I was finished shopping in that particular store, I realized I needed to make a pit stop for myself. Dilemma #2. What on earth was I going to do with the girls in the restroom?? (This would be the first time I've had to make that stop while out with them). I was going to wait until we reached our next destination, our local baby super-store with the family friendly bathrooms, but decided I couldn't wait. All that Dr. Pepper for breakfast. There was no way I was going to wrestle the shopping cart through the bathroom door - who knows if it would have fit anyway. So I took our purchases outside and loaded them in the car, changed the girls from the shopping cart to the double stroller, and headed back to the store. As luck would have it, the stroller fit in the stall. Whew. Dilemma #2 solved.
  • Graduation. High school graduation. Basketball coliseum.....lots of people. And I was there with the girls. Mom was there with Carter. I was pushing the girls through the walkway and someone came up to me and said they needed to take my stroller because strollers weren't allowed. While I understand why, I looked at the guy and said "Right now? There's 2 of them and 1 of me." He said he would follow me to my seat but when I turned around he was gone. I tried to keep the stroller with me, and had managed to "sneak" it in our row, but it was a little too large and I didn't want to be uncomfortable for the entire event so I did finally check it. But still. Dude wanted to take the stroller out from under the kids. What's up with that??
  • Saturday afternoon, I made a stop (the third and final stop with the girls after leaving breakfast with D --- they were so good!!) at a carpet store. I had the girls in the stroller and was heading in and an elderly couple stopped me to look at the girls. They were asking all the standard questions and then the gentleman said "Now tell me.......are they always going to be this dark or will they change colors?" Um.....what? I think he saw the puzzled look on my face and said "They look sort of olive-y." Wow. I have never thought of them as "olive-y" but am always appreciative of the fact that it appears they didn't receive my very fair skin. So I replied "Well - their dad is darker than they are so I think they'll stay that way. Unless they get more tan in the summertime." Weird.
  • Mobility is right around the corner, at least for Sofia. Last night I sat the girls on a blanket in our family room while I was cleaning in the kitchen - it's an open space so I was right there with them, but wasn't watching them as I was rinsing dishes. I could hear them playing with toys and I could hear Sofia squealing but as I turned to look at them, I saw that Sofia wasn't where I put her. Um. Where'd she go? She had gone from sitting to her stomach and then had "army crawled" over to the corner to a stash of toys. Oh my goodness! We knew she could army crawl - and she's getting better at it - until now she's had a special Sofia-type crawl she developed, but it worked in getting her from here to there.....slowly.....but this army crawling lets her go from point A to point B much quicker. Bring on the baby gates!!
  • Last night was also the first meal comprised of non-baby food items. Woo hoo! Peas and mandarin oranges. I put both on their trays and let them work on their self feeding for a while. They both did well. By the way -- I purchased new bibs that have the pockets across the bottom -- love those for self feeding!! They still managed to get peas in the seat of their high chairs, but those little pockets caught most of what they dropped. So they did well with non-baby food even if it took a little longer. I'm definitely improving on my patience (not with them - just patience overall!) and besides - it was fun to sit there and watch them concentrating on picking up the food. Especially Olivia. She decides on a morsel of food...."I'll have that pea" and then she goes at it with her index finger and then sort of scoops it towards her other fingers. She's more calculated than Sofia -- who has gotten good at raking the food in her hand.
  • Grandma and Papa gave them a toy for their birthday -- it's a little table that has a seat attached to it. The seat has wheels and is connected to the table so that they can "walk" around the table and play with all the items on the top. The girls love it. I was talking to D the other night on the way home from work and he starts laughing and says "Sofia is hauling at the activity table." And she really was - it's absolutely hilarious - she gets in the seat and pushes herself around and around very quickly. D plays with both of them like he's chasing them or getting them to chase him and they love it. Olivia has even figured out how to push herself backwards so I'll look up and sometimes she's sitting down and going around backwards. Absolutely hilarious. I think I have a couple of video clips I'll have to load soon.

That's all I can think of! It was a busy weekend around our house and a lot of one-on-one time with the girls for me -- lots of fun! More pictures and video coming soon!


Jessica said...

My goodness that is a lot! (You & D must sleep really well each night!)

Cincerely said...

Olive-y. I envy that!

And I have visions of clowns pouring out of small cars while reading about you & the girls (complete with stroller) in the stall. Thanks for the giggle.