Monday, May 4, 2009

Twin friends

Before the girls were born, D and I had signed up to take a few classes through the hospital, including a class for parents expecting multiples. I never made it to any of the classes since I was in the hospital but the instructor was great about visiting me the day after one of the classes to bring the materials that were covered the night before. There were 2 other couples in the class and one evening I was on my way back from 20 minutes of (semi)freedom and we bumped into my class taking a tour of the nursery, etc. so I was able to meet everyone. We've all kept in touch, even if just by trading emails every now and then, but J and I have stayed in touch quite often. J&J's twins were born around the time our girls were due so our kids are doing similar things developmentally. It's awesome to have a fellow MoM who is also a first time parent to chat with.

A little more than a week ago, while D was off on a much deserved golf weekend, I took the girls to visit J and the twins. It was so neat to see the kids interact with eachother and this time - we took pictures! (Last time we went to visit, totally forgot to take pics!):

The lone guy among all those girls! (From the left, Isaac, Kathryn, Sofia, Olivia)

The girls.

It was interesting - I never thought anything about J&J's dog - a chocolate lab. We have our dog at home who is quite hyper and he's always around the girls (and running through them....and jumping over get the point). When I got there with the girls, we put them down on the blanket with I & K. Sofia was on her tummy and their dog came up to her and sniffed her cheek and Sofia let out this scream. Not a scream that's the start of a crying fit --- a real "i didn't think babies could scream like that" scream. Followed closely by tears. Which, in turn, set Olivia off. And then I, being the gentlemanly host that he is, didn't want the girls to be alone so he joined in with some tears of his own and, all the while, K sat quietly in her corner staring at the 3 of them. It never dawned on me that Sofia would be afraid. The kiddos calmed down, the dog headed outside, and all was right and we played and talked and talked and played. Good times!

P.S -- all those great toys around and you know what the girls wanted to play with? A spoon!!

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Jessica said...

We really enjoyed the visit too! I cannot tell you how many times I have said to J or my mom, "It is so good to talk with A. She totally gets it"!