Thursday, May 7, 2009

The sick house

D's been under the weather the past couple of days and I spent today at home with the girls while he got some much needed rest. He went to bed last night at 6pm and when I woke him up this morning at 10am.......he sat up and said "It's morning???" Honey - not only is it morning - it's creeping up on noon! I've tried to "work from home"....but that's just resulted in responding to e-mails and taking a few phone calls. That's okay, though....gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm so looking forward to our vacation which starts Monday. Well - I guess it starts after tomorrow, but I won't feel like we're on vacation until we're on the road. Ah....sun....sand.....seafood - here we come!! Can't wait to get some pictures of the girls on the beach and in the pool. I hope they like the water!!

P.S - Olivia finally "gets" the sippy cup!! We offer them a sippy cup several times a day and it usually ends up being just another toy that makes some kind of noise when shaken (or another teething toy), but today - Olivia was laying on the mat and I saw her pick up her sippy cup and she was actually drinking from it!! And we had a few repeat performances! Go Olivia!!

P.S.S - We have officially purchased our last containers of formula. Granted - they're large containers that, ironically, I just found at our local wholesale club so they'll last us probably in to June, but we're not purchasing any more. Since our pediatricians told us that, at a year, we can transition the girls to cow's milk (from now on referred to as "milk" - not to be confused with formula!), we're going to start now by offering them milk in their sippy cups instead of water (or a very watered down version of juice......although - Olivia's success today may have had something to do with the fact that I made the drinks with a little more juice than normal since there wasn't enough left in the container for the next round - ha!!). We're also not going to give them milk in a bottle so we can really start now with the sippy cups. Famous last words, right?!?! Did I just jinx us??

I have to say -- I was just in the kitchen cleaning up bottles from the last few feedings and I was thinking about how much counter and cabinet space will clear up when we move from bottles to sippy cups.................bottle warmers put away, bottles and rings stored (all 50-something of them) -- the remaining bottle parts thrown away. You get the picture. As I've said before -- I'm not wishing time away, but there are some phases where you just have to say "good riddance"!! Of course - all that to be replaced by bigger (albeit more colorful) sippy cups - but hey - bring it!

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