Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love being a mom. Is it hard? Absolutely. A lot of days I feel like there's not enough hours to get done the things that need to be done -- much less having time for the things I want. But I'm learning that there are less and less things that are needs right now.

As I looked at my girls today - and my family - I could hardly hold back the tears sometimes. My heart is full. I look at my girls and I still can't believe it. Two sweet baby girls. I look at my husband when he is with my sweet baby girls. How did I get so lucky. We spent the better part of 2 years hoping and praying for a baby and never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine two (at once). We are truly blessed.

I look at my mom and, although I've always appreciated her, it's different now that I'm a mom. A better understanding for what drives her to do the things she does for us. A better understanding of her love for me and my sister.

I love being a mom.

What better way to spend Mother's Day than with family. We had a great day today --- the girls and I went to church with Nana (and my mom and other relatives in from out of town) and then went to Nana's house for lunch. The weather was awesome.

The girls are still a little under the weather but they were great in church and enjoyed "hanging out" with the family. Sofia had a low-grade fever this afternoon so she wasn't her normal "talkative" (or squealing) self and both girls napped in either mom's or Nana's lap while we sat outside.

Here's a few pictures from today. (P.S. - as you'll see....Olivia got to try chocolate pudding today......she loved it. Poor Sofia wasn't sitting in Grandma's lap when the desserts were out so she'll have to wait until next time!)

Tomorrow starts vacation!! We're mostly packed -- just a few odds and ends here and there ---- and we did it all without a cargo carrier on top of the car!! We've been procrastinating.....I didn't want to buy and store one - D didn't think we could do it without the carrier. I very well could have just jinxed myself since we don't have everything in the car (safely) with all the doors closed, but there appears to be space for what's left to go in.
We can't wait --- 5 glorious days at the beach with no plans except to have a great meal every night. I wouldn't consider the girls very scheduled to start with.....but I have a feeling that any kind of schedule they may have been on will go out the window this week. D said "What are we going to do if we're not tired when we put the girls to bed at 8pm?"
"Well - we do have a nice ocean-front balcony so that's always an option -- but who says we have to put the girls to bed at 8pm? We can strap them in the carriers for a walk on the beach......grab a blanket and go sit by the pool......." The options are endless. It will be a different story if they turn in to crabby kiddos after 8pm, but usually if there's something going on to hold their attention, they're fine.
Woo hoo beach trip!!! I may throw in a post here and there over the next week, but pictures will have to wait.
In the mean time, I'm preparing myself to come home a lobster (not intentionally - I have tons of sunscreen) while my sweet little girls bake to a nice golden brown (again - not intentionally, but it's bound to happen.). Yeah. I'm jealous already.

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