Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ahhhhh vacation

Waves crashing. Sunshine. Happy kids.

Well.......we do have waves crashing. As for the others.............they come and go. The weather has been cooler than I expected it to be. Thinking back.......I have no idea from where my expectations came since I never even looked at a forecast. I just assumed "beach" and "warm" went together always. You mean it's not always warm at the beach?? We've had rain showers come and go and that usually cools things down a bit.

As for the kids ---- they're still a bit under the weather. Sofia's voice is hoarse so when she tries to "talk" or cry, it comes out squeaky. Olivia's cold is on it's way out (I'm basing this on how often we've had to suction her nose.....which she hates so, thankfully, that's getting less and less). Since they've both not been feeling well, we've kept them off the beach where the breeze makes it cooler and it also takes their breath away. We did take them down to the ocean.....and before we go we'll get back to the beach when we have our camera --- we can't leave without beach pictures!!

Since they are a bit under the weather........they're also a bit whiny. I must - and am not afraid to - admit -- Wednesday was probably the most frustrating day I've had as a parent. We are so used to happy-and-not-so-fussy babies that a full day of whining was really getting to me. Olivia would whine if you left the room. Sofia would whine if you sneezed. Olivia would whine if Sofia took a toy from her. Sofia would whine if Olivia whined. All.Day.Long. I was most frustrated because I didn't know what to do for them. At one point, Sofia was whining while I was holding her -- and I know it's because she didn't feel good, but oh my. I say "whine" versus "cry" because most of the time it wasn't an all-out cry. Although there was plenty of that going on as well. We tried everything. Naps. Bottles. Food. Play time. Holding them. Pacifiers. You name it. By the time I had yanked all my hair out we left for dinner, they were calm and we were able to enjoy a nice dinner and they were actually quite entertaining. I think I finally found the beverage to get them interested in the sippy cup. Don't pass out. Sweet tea. I know, I know......and, trust me, that's not a regular kids beverage in our house, but I needed something to make them realize the spout of a sippy cup isn't just for teething. Sweet tea did the trick. Now I'm hoping that works for milk.

So. A whiny day, but overall we're having a great time. The waves crashing on the beach - even if heard from our open door to the balcony (our awesome corner-so-we-have-lots-of-room balcony overlooking the beach) is intoxicating and oh so relaxing!!

The hotel is awesome and our room is perfect. We were concerned about space with having 2 pack-n-plays, but we moved to a room that has an expanded space (which also came with a wet bar so we don't have to wash bottles in the bathroom sink - yay!) and we have plenty of room. The girls don't have any problems going to bed at night and we're able to have the lights and tv on so it's working out. Granted......we're not strictly observing bed time this week so by the time they lay down, they're exhausted -- we could throw a party in our expanded space and they would stay sound asleep!! The only thing that could be different is the fact that there's no bathtub - only a shower. So the girls have been introduced to their first shower and, may I say, they're not a fan. Something about water constantly splashing in their faces no matter how hard I try to keep it out of their face.

No issues sleeping is also evidenced by the fact that it's after 4am and here I sit.....typing away -- and all 3 of my babies are sound asleep. And, ironically, all three of them are snoring! (I didn't say I didn't have issues sleeping!)

I'm done with the Internet after this post (well - when I'm ready to try to go back to sleep) -- I'll (hopefully) have lots of pictures to put up when we return home. You'll understand if the kiddos aren't smiling, won't you??!!??!!

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Amanda said...

I used chocolate milk to get Naomi to suck on a sippy cup. I thought she was never going to figure it out! Whatever works, right?