Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trying something new.......later

So.....we've decided to give "Mother's Morning Out" a try. Or shall I say "Daddy's Morning Out". We've been talking about it for a couple of weeks and we're going tomorrow to visit and fill out the registration form. Oh - but not for now -- it won't start until in the fall when school starts back. By that time, the girls will be 16 months old and toddling around and we thought for a few hours one day a week, we would guarantee that they'll be around other kids. And that will give D a few hours to do whatever he wants or needs to do.

We'll see - I think we both go back and forth about it, but we need to get the registration in now to secure a space.....um - excuse me - spaces. We can always change our minds and all we lose is our $50 deposit........not exactly pennies, but also not a big enough loss to guilt us in the sending them if we decide we don't want to, you know?

I think it will be good for them, as does D - he's just worried they'll cry when we leave them there -- and since this is totally voluntary versus out of necessity, why would we leave them there crying. But again --- we can always change our minds or stop going. I have a feeling, too, that it will be the first time that someone other than family members keep them!
Anyhow! Not an exciting post, I realize, but hey --- that's what's going on in our world! So! To make it up to you - let me leave you with what I think are some of my most favorite pictures of the girls E.V.E.R!!! (Check out the eyelashes!!!) Sofia in the first 3 and Olivia the last 3.

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