Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today it's twice the chaos

I've been looking forward to a couple of days off to spend with my girls --- you know -- to do the "mommy thing" all day. This morning I'm up early to get ready so I can spend time with the girls and manage a couple of conference calls here and there. The girls are fed, changed......happily playing in the living room. I'm almost pushing the last digit of the phone # I'm dialing when I realize that Sofia is spitting up. Okay -- "spittinig up" doesn't do it justice - the girl is vomiting. A.L.L O.V.E.R the place. Oh but she's smiling. What to do, what to do! Obviously I cleaned her up --- all the while realizing that I'm not used to this kind of multi-tasking!! I'm thankful that she waited until my call was finished before she did it again. In a matter of minutes she has tripled my laundry load for today - ha!

Another funny story to share. D has ventured out solo with the girls a couple of times, but out of necessity. Actually - yesterday's venture out was also out of necessity but this time, it took him to the mall. So he goes and I know it's an uneventful trip based on the fact that I receive zero phone calls during his time out, but when I talked to him while driving home yesterday he had this to say:

"Baby.." (as an aside - he's always called me that - I hardly ever hear my name come from his mouth - and if it does, I know he's irritated with me!) "Baby..... I have to tell you. Going to the mall with the chick magnet."

Whaaaaaa?? Totally not what I was expecting! I was expecting "Oh it's not so bad" or "It was great to get out with the girls" -- Noooooo. Chick magnet. Nice.

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Cincerely said...

Chick magnet.....made me snort! Love that!