Saturday, April 25, 2009

March for Babies

We walked in the March of Dimes march for babies today --- it was a 4-mile walk and there were a lot of people there. Our moms of multiples club walked as a team and we even won an award for the most money collected by a family team - how cool is that?!?! A lot of people had t-shirts in honor of the baby for whom they were walking and it was so neat to read the statistics (birth weight, length, etc.). There were some t-shirts that were in memory of - and that is always heart breaking........I can't even imagine.

These last few days I've been thinking a lot about "this time last year" and the fact that I was just beginning my hospital bed rest and how nervous I was wondering how long our little ones were going to make it before it was time for their birth. (I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of this kind of reflecting as their first birthday gets closer and closer.) We were so blessed with their health once they did arrive, but I know we still benefited from the research and work of the March of Dimes. Relatively speaking, it's not that long ago that babies born weighing 2lb had as much of a chance at survival as they do today....and I know it's advancement in our technology, our knowledge -- but also through the work of the March of Dimes and I was proud to be there today.

Mom, my sister and Carter also walked so it was nice to be able to spend time with them. Here are some pictures from the day!! It was a gorgeous day - sunny, warm -- couldn't ask for better!!

It was their first introduction to grass --- and they were quite intrigued by it.

I'm willing to forget that my precious babies are wearing orange hats.....the pictures are just so darn cute. Although --- it looks to me like Sofia is saying a little prayer..."Lord... please give me the ability to tell grandma that orange is probably my least favorite color....." As for Olivia....well.....we'll just chalk that little grin up to a little too much sun.


On a totally different subject - mom and I took the girls to the mall tonight.......I know - I know - as if 4 miles wasn't enough already. When did it become the "cool" thing to go the the mall on your prom night? Every time I turned around there were kids in tuxes and prom dresses walking around the mall. I'm completely baffled at this one. Mom tried to remind me that, for one prom, we went through the drive-through of a fast food establishment in our limousine...............and she's correct - we did........but that was after the prom was over and we were headed home. Totally different from roaming the mall at 8pm when, I'm assuming, the prom should either be in full swing or getting started.
Kids today. Sheesh.

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