Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fine dining

"Put the bottle down or the hair gets the country vegetables....."Cute, right? We've had to invest in more wash cloths and paper towels these days.......eating is becoming more and more a physical activity around our house. It all started back in March.......March 2nd, to be exact -- the first day we tried self-feeding. We tried graham crackers and wow did the girls love it.

They couldn't get them in their little mouths fast enough! After graham crackers, we found teething biscuits --- a little sturdier than graham crackers (Mommy finds that she's less nervous with the teething biscuits than the graham crackers........what can I say) and maybe just a little messier. Okay - a lot messier, especially if your name is Olivia.

Although - Sofia's not too far behind in the messy department..........

With our most recent visit to the follow-up clinic, the PT suggested we put food on their high chair trays and let them start putting their hands in it and working on the self-feeding. Even if it's the pureed baby we gave it a shot. Olivia loved it from the start (as evidenced by the very first picture). Sofia.....not so sure. She tried a different route:

She ultimately gave up on that and went with her hands -- I'm thinking it was the vegetables because when I put fruit on the tray, there was no stopping her. It was like her hand turned into a shovel.

Olivia's new thing is that she likes to grab the spoon. I've come to realize she does this when she's finished eating - even she realizes her little hands don't work fast enough when she's hungry - ha! It's cute.....but she usually ends up with the wrong end of the spoon in her mouth and food in her hands.

The other favorite thing both girls like doing is the old face and eye rub.........and of course they can't wait until we've cleaned their hands and face. I always thought it was interesting to see pictures of kids with food all over their face. I would think "Oh my goodness -- how did that end up there?" Now I know. Sometimes we end up with food in the nose, ears, hair -- you name it and food has probably been there. Oh sure it's cute......the first couple of times - ha! "Oh look how cute -- she has food in her hair" and we all giggle and take pictures. Now I'm ready to start feeding them in the bathtub so I can rinse off when we're finished -- haha!

But! They're learning and we're all about that. And let's face it -- it's still good for a laugh every now and then!

P.S. - to answer your question.........of course the country vegetables ended up all in the hair!!

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