Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our little inchworm

Mobility is just around the corner in the A&D household..........we realized today that Sofia has figured out how to get from here to there and can go pretty quickly when there's something she wants. We finally got her on video.............albeit bad quality video - we realized afterwards that the nightvision setting was on, so please excuse the quality this time. As you can guess - we couldn't get a repeat performance so this will have to do!

I love her look after she gets that first it's like "I did it!" and then it turns to " what?"

P.S. -- we've seen her move much quicker than that video......for more important my watch or something Olivia has in her hands.

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Robyn Bivens said...

Preston does this same form of "crawling" Isn't it funny how they flip back & forth then try to push with one leg. Priceless.