Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Following up

We paid a visit to the follow-up clinic today for a quarterly check-up with the girls. We've taken them there since a few months after they were born --- they've followed the girls to make sure the are developing as they should be. They see a pediatrician and a physical therapist and we get pointers on what to work on with them and it's a chance to ask questions about their development.

We went in today with questions about things they're not doing (i.e. Olivia still hates tummy time and could care less about rolling over; Sofia is fine on her tummy, but doesn't really push up on her arms; Neither one holds a bottle or takes a sippy cup......). I think this is the first time I've felt like they were a little behind where they should be. I was pleasantly surprised, though. Everyone felt like they girls looked great and were basically right where they should be for things about which we were concerned. They may not take a sippy cup, but when there's a real glass in front of them, they reach for it and take it straight to their mouths for a drink. Apparently they just don't like sippy cups. We'll continue to work on that.....we can't have them toddling around here with regular cups. They made me feel much better about my concerns.

They did talk about Olivia......apparently she has a "tilt".....I'm still not exactly sure what that is, but she has it. I think it's a posture thing and we've always felt like she's a little lazy with her upper body. The PT said she was only mildly concerned and she couldn't decide what to recommend......more work at home or getting us in for a session of PT. After thinking about it, we decided to do both - work at home but also to go in for a PT session. On the one hand, I know she's fine and I'm sure there are tons of babies out there with a "tilt" and it's no biggie, but we figured since we have these services at our disposal - why not? All we have to lose is a couple of hours out of a day. So - we'll see how that goes.

We ended our visit with a little melt-down a la Olivia............and I'm sure you can guess what started it..........putting her on her tummy. It was all downhill after that..........and since it was nap time, Olivia set off Sofia so we showed off a little synchronized crying - haha. Of course, back in the car, by the time D and I picked up lunch, they girls were snoozing away. It was a hard day!

So........all in all a good visit. Sofia weighed in at 15.12 and Olivia was 16.15. They've both gained close to a pound in a month -- big girls!! I was looking at the little rolls on Olivia's legs today. So sweet!

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