Monday, April 6, 2009

Great weekend

We had a great weekend --- the weather was nice -- we spent time with family and friends -- what more could you ask for?

I did venture out for my first solo trip with the girls and I must say -- it was great. D worked on Saturday so we stopped by to say hello and to grab lunch (well - I grabbed lunch - the girls sat nicely in their high chairs). That's the first thing we've realized -- they're getting way too big to be carrying around in their carseats so we have those covers for the restaurant high chairs and they do really well with them........we know because we tried it out more than once this weekend - ha!

As an aside, a friend, and fellow twin mom, had called to chat about convertible car seats.........(by the way, J, I still can't talk!!!) and up until then I had not given them very much thought........but I think we're getting close. We've already taken our last stroller ride in the double stroller with the girls sitting in the's not worth catching a little foot as the second seat goes in........and I was looking at them yesterday and little feet are getting close to the edge. So - we've definitely started thinking about it and I must say.........ouch to the wallet. We've had the we get 2 and just switch them out between we bite the bullet and get 4? I don't know!!!!!! On and on and on.

Anyhow! Back to the weekend. So lunch with D and then on to the mall. I was on a mission so I wasn't planning on just strolling through the mall, but it was so nice to be out and about. The diaper bag was loaded with everything I could think of......and I didn't use any of it. Crazy, right?

I have a couple of funny comments that came out of our trip on Saturday................first of all -- I know it's not easy to tell the gender of babies.......could be a boy, could by a girl. In my case it could be one of each. And the girls do own blue clothes. But on Saturday, they were head-to-toe in pacifiers (well, okay, I think Sofia's was blue, but still....the clip it was attached to was pink). You see where I'm going, right? I had three (3!) different people look at them.....and, after commenting how sweet they were and how calm they were, said "Are they boys? Girls? One of each?" My first thought was "Really?" But - I just smiled and responded........there was no need for sarcasm. I decided that's just a natural question people ask in conversation when babies are involved.

The funniest, though, came from an older couple. The lady was talking to the girls and commenting on how sweet they were and she asked "Are they twins?" (I got this question a lot this weekend, too). To which I replied they were......and the gentleman, just after my response, said "Were they born at the same time?" ....................................I had to laugh at that one, politely, of course -- it was funny. (I guess one (D) would argue that this is a valid question......after all - it depends on one's definition of "the same"

So anyhow - it was a nice time out. By the way, my mission was not accomplished on Saturday so mom and I had to head back out on Sunday.......and of course we took the girls and, again, they were perfect! Sofia was hilarious - whether she was sitting in the front or the back of the stroller, she was always kicked back with one foot either propped on the tray or hanging over the side.

No pictures today - but coming soon! (I keep saying that, don't I?)

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Jessica said...

LOL--"at the same time?" That is hilarious! Sounds like you are enjoying your outings with the girls.

We took the plunge last night...ordering two Boulevards online. Bought both for less than retail, but OUCH!

Looking forward to catching up...:)