Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miscellaneous pictures

I'm behind on my pictures so here's a few from the last couple of weeks. We took pictures of the girls in the snow we had Sunday -- those are coming soon!

All is well in our house -- the girls have definitely found their voices and the day is filled with squeals as they play in their exersaucers. We heard Sofia start with "da da da da da" last night --- much to D's pleasure! Not much else to report for now....but that's not always a bad thing!

Here's my sleeping family. This is usually what we can be found doing on a Sunday afternoon. Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon nap......especially when all parties are willing to nap. (Oh wait a minute.....I wasn't napping....)

A picture of Sofia on the day we noticed her first a happier moment. Both girls are hilarious -- they ham it up for the camera. They could be screaming their heads off and if you put a camera in front of them they pause.....and usually pose!

Olivia on the day of Sofia's first tooth.........glad it's not her that's getting the tooth after seeing a normally calm Sofia not too happy..........poor girl doesn't know what's coming for her!

Now that we're starting to see more people (although we're still not taking them out very much), we're getting more and more questions about whether or not they're identical. It still surprises me because I don't think about it that much since I can tell them apart. I'll admit, though, they do look very much alike sometimes.................................

I posted a picture of Sofia chewing on her feet and now Olivia has started doing the same. Of course, we can't get her to perform for the camera - she's too busy posing, but as soon as the camera went away this foot was back in her mouth!

And finally......all bundled up and we're just going up the road to Mimi's house.....but it really was cold outside that day!

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Jessica said...

LOVE the pics...especially the one of them bundled up to go visit Mimi and the one of nap time!