Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures I promised and weight update!

The girls had their second to last RSV shot today....thank goodness only one more trip for that! Sofia weighed in at 14lb 6oz and Olivia was 15lb 7oz. Poor Olivia........more weight is fantastic but, unfortunately, it put her over the threshold and she had to get 2 shots... : ( They cried a little longer than they usually do, but still by the time we were heading out the door they were fine and by the time D dropped me off at work, they were snoozin'. One more shot at the end of March (where, I fear, Sofia will now qualify for the shot in each leg....) and we've made it! Bring on April 'cause we are so ready to get out of the house!

So I told you I would share pictures of what was making us laugh hysterically the other day when Sofia was trying to roll over and Olivia was in her way:Too cute! And here's my attempt of getting action shots of Sofia completing her roll....but she was just too fast for me! D swears the camera is supposed to take something like 3 shots per second, but until he shows me the evidence in the users manual (and since I can't seem to make that happen) - I'm not buyin'! That's the auditor in me I guess - haha! But anyway -- here she is -- and notice how she's holding tightly to that sock the whole time! She really does love socks......too bad we can't keep them on her feet!

Until next time!

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