Sunday, February 15, 2009

Laughing hysterically!

We are sitting here laughing hysterically as we watch the girls. Sofia is quite the pro at rolling over.......except when things are in her way. In this case, it was Olivia who was in the way. Sofia was almost complete with her roll from her back to her tummy and her leg and arm were both draped over Olivia because there was no other place for them to go and she was stuck mid-roll not able to get her other shoulder out from under her. Olivia is just laying there looking at her like "What on earth are you doing??"

We weren't fast enough to grab the camera, but just trust me on this one -- it's hilarious!!

And now Sofia finally made it over and Olivia's leg is draped across her back because she has invaded Olivia's space. I did get a picture of that -- I'll post it soon!

And as I've been writing this entry, the girls have been playing in eachother's space -- they're very "touchy-feely" with eachother and I think that's sweet, but we just got a taste of how it could be as they start getting better with their motor skills............Olivia had a rattle in her hand and was shaking it, like both girls have learned to do, and hit Sofia in the head. Sofia paused for a second and it appeared that she was deciding exactly how to react....and then the tears came. As soon as Sofia started crying, Olivia started in too. I wonder if that will be their strategy......everyone cries and no one gets in trouble unless there's a witness...................

Needless to say, the hysterical laughter has ceased and the girls are now playing in their exersaucers.....across the room from eachother - ha!

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