Friday, February 20, 2009

I can do it!

The girls are more interested in all things food these days --- especially adult food. Sometimes D or I will have one of them in our lap while we're eating and little hands are always reaching for the plate. They watch the hand-to-mouth motion as we're eating............think of people's heads turning as they're watching a tennis match - ha! -- except this involves them either trying to turn all the way around to see where your hand goes, or they tilt their head back until they see you. It's quite cute and D and I get quite a bit of amusement from it!

It's funny......they're not interested in holding their bottles when they eat and we give them sippy cups to play with hoping it will improve their hand to mouth coordination and they really don't show signs of being interested in that either (even when we put formula in the cup) -- We do have a couple of pictures of them "getting it" --but it's not consistent. However -- when they're around "adult" food and beverage, they're very interested. They manage to get something from a plate (usually bread or something in the carb family - ha!) and it goes straight to the mouth. Drinking from a cup is even more ironic --- they'll drink from a cup all day long -- holding it with both hands and directing it straight to their mouth and when we put the cup down, they continue to reach for it.

Olivia was reaching for her spoon the other night as I was feeding her --- the spoon and the container holding the food (let the wrestling match begin, right?!) so as we finished, I gave her the spoon to see what she would do. She's good!

(I don't know if you can tell, but in one of the pictures her eyes are a little red like she's been crying.......she had not been crying.....she just managed to put the spoon too far in her mouth and gagged herself -- she only did it once - she's a fast learner!)

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Jessica said...

how cute! they are getting so big!!

isn't it funny how they are so interested in cups but could care less about the sippys?! i and k are EXACTLY the same...all about our glasses of water, but aren't consistent w/ the sippys yet.