Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a day!

True to his word, Santa brought Carter the orange jeep he's been talking about since a month before Christmas (probably because we always asked him what Santa was going to bring). Carter handed over the paci, never looking back, and Santa delivered!

Over the holidays, Carter was a little off his regular schedule and besides....who wants to nap? There are things to run over!! My sister would visit with Carter and napping became a joint effort which usually ended up with Grandma dozing off while trying to get Carter to sleep! On one particular day, Carter and my sister were visiting my mom's house and there was no nap in sight. Grandma tried......Papa worked on my sister....just not Carter! Usually once Carter's in the car he's asleep by the time they reach the end of the street but not this day. Oh no. He was heading home to ride the orange Jeep. (Did I mention that Jeep has a working radio??!!)

Once home and bundled up, Carter hit the "street" (aka the backyard). He's not yet a pro at steering but he knows the gas pedal and brakes and he knows how to change from forward to reverse. He likes to run in to things and when he gets to a point where going forward is no longer an option, he says "Backwards!" and puts the Jeep in reverse. It's quite cute. So on the no-nap day, Carter was touring the backyard and he got to a point where he was stuck. My brother-in-law was supervising and he was waiting for Carter to reverse but he kept sitting there with the tires spinning. When he walked over to Carter, here is what he found:

Yes, my friends..........Carter had, indeed, fallen asleep at the wheel with his foot still on the gas pedal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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