Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rollin' rollin' rollin........

We had another milestone today when Sofia rolled from her tummy to her back!

She and Olivia have both been doing a lot of pushing with their much that at night, they've been pushing themselves to the top of their cribs which then makes their monitors go off. Mommy got smart last night and moved the sensor pad closer to the top, too......problem solved (for a little while longer, anyway)! And today when I put them on the floor, they worked their way off the blanket and half way across the room by the time they were done. Oh my....getting closer to mobility.....that's a scary thought!!!

This morning Sofia was getting irritated with tummy time and she started pushing off with her feet. She got to her side and moved just enough to roll her all the way to her back. Once she was on her back she stopped moving and gave me this look that said "What did I just do?!?!" It was quite cute. The pictures I have were after the fact...and of course there wasn't a repeat performance once I had the camera handy, but she made it to her side again.

Like I said......we're getting closer and closer to mobility -- yikes!! Quite a scary thought but it means our little ones are growing up!!

I'm back to work this week after a nice 2-week vacation. I had returned to work from maternity leave a week early so I could take this time around the holidays and it was a great idea. I'm going to miss getting up with the girls in the morning - it's been an awesome couple of weeks hanging out with them. It's "busy season" now and I'm anxious about balancing long work hours with quality family time. I know I have the tools to make it work - I just have to use them.

Until next time!


Kim said...

Hi! Just surfin' the twin blog ring, and came across yours. Love the description you wrote in the right column, and your pictures are so sweet—what beautiful little girls!

Jessica said...

WAY TO GO, SOFIA!! (And a "hello" to Miss Olivia!!)

Hugs and Kisses...

Isaac and Kathryn

Jessica said...
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