Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Follow-up clinic

We took the girls for a visit to the follow-up clinic today --- they're looking great! They're continuing with their 1lb difference - Olivia weighed 14.4 and Sofia was 13.5 and they're the same height now - 25 whole inches! We had to wait for a good while and right before the PT and the Ped. came in, we fed them so I just assumed they were going to be sleepy and wouldn't react so the Ped and PT could see their progress, but they really showed off!

The PT does all kinds of things to check their motor well are they holding their heads up -- do they keep their head up when being lifted from a laying position; are they bearing weight on their legs; are they grabbing things; turning heads from side to side; tracking objects; on and on. At first they weren't very excited about what the ladies were trying to get them to do, but then we laid them on the table side by side and they both started showing off. Feet into hands, smiling, we put them on their tummies and faced eachother and they were smiling and reaching for eachother, etc. etc. The PT asked us about rolling over and we were telling her how, although both girls had made improvements in that area, they really didn't seem interested in rolling over. Pushing themselves around on their backs? Yes. Rolling in any direction? Not so much. So she puts Sofia on her tummy and what does Sofia do?? She rolls, very deliberately, from her tummy to her back!!! D and I couldn't believe it. PT put Sofia back on her tummy and she does it again and again. So I think we can officially say that Sofia's rolling from her tummy to her back!!! Milestones are always cool.

So Sofia proved us wrong and we said the same thing about Olivia - not interested - etc. etc. and what does Olivia do? She rolls from her back to her side, also quite deliberately, a few times.

Very cool to watch them do that. Also interesting was the fact that Olivia appears slightly weaker in her upper body -- she's a little lazier with holding her head up but boy does she like to stand up -- and Sofia is slightly weaker in her lower body - she'll hold her head up, but forget getting her to stand for any period of time.

That's all I have! Girls look great and now hopefully I can get those pics of Sofia rollin'...rollin'...rolling!

Until next time!

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