Saturday, January 3, 2009

Showing our flexibility

Happy New Year! 2008 ended on a fantastic note and we're so looking forward to watching the girls grow and change in 2009!!! We hope that you're looking forward to a great 2009, too!

I told you before that the girls have finally found their feet. I've not yet caught them chewing on their feet, but we often find them laying with their feet in the air and hands wrapped around their feet! Quite cute.

You'll notice in the first picture, Sofia's not wearing socks. We used to have trouble keeping socks on them because their feet were too tiny and they could kick them off. Now we have trouble keeping socks on because they can pull their socks off...see below! (Please excuse the bit of baby drool we didn't wipe before snapping the pic.....gotta get the photos when you have the opportunity! Drool isn't going anywhere - ha!)
All is well at our house. Olivia rolled to her side for the first time today. She was laying on the floor while D was changing Sofia and when he looked at her she had gone from her back to her side. He said he thought she was a little surprised at herself by the way she was looking, but she laid on her side for quite a while.

I'll leave you with a funny (now) story. I've mentioned before that we have monitors for the girls that sense movement (sensitive enough to detect breathing) and when it doesn't detect movement after 20 seconds, the alarm goes off. Early in the morning on New Year's Eve, I was woken from a very sound sleep by one of the girls' alarms going off. Usually by the time we get our feet on the floor the alarm has stopped. This time, though, it didn't stop. D's side of the bed is closest to our door and we both jumped up to check on the girls and we reached our door at the same time. Apparently, in my sleepy daze, I felt like D wasn't moving fast enough because I practically body slammed him into the wall to get through the doorway. I'm laughing now because I know my eyes were closed and it was really that I fell in to him, but he (being a little more awake than I) disagrees. I told him not to feel bad because I banged myself up making my way down the hallway.....falling in to walls as I went because I was still mostly asleep. I just have this vision in my head of ramming D into the wall and then banging off the hallway walls like in a pinball machine. Right as I stepped foot into the nursery, the alarm stopped. It was Sofia.......she and Olivia have both started scooting around in their beds and she had moved herself all the way to the top and had turned sideways. The very edge of the mattress is a dead zone so it stopped detecting her breathing. My heart was in my throat and my shoulders were a little sore from all the contact I made with D and my house, but Sofia was okay. I wish I could explain the replay that runs through my head so you could get the humor, but just know that when D and I were discussing the events once I was fully awake, I couldn't stop laughing!!! I guess it's almost time to retire the sensor part of the monitor...............I don't know if I'm ready for that!

Until next time!

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