Saturday, December 27, 2008

7 months and counting!

The girls are 7 months old today. Wow. I can't believe it. I know I say that all the time, but I really can't. Has it really been seven months already? Seriously? Crazy.

The girls continue to be so much fun and they constantly make us laugh. They're smiling all the time and they're really finding their voices. In the mornings when they wake up I love to listen to them over the monitor as they "talk" to themselves and when I go in to get them up, I'm greeted with huge smiles.

Sofia is quite the talker. She's still making the "coo-ing" sound mixed with a little gurgling so she sounds like she's purring. She'll sit in her bouncy seat for quite a long time and "talk" to herself (or anyone who will listen!) while she plays with whatever toy she finds. She's quickly reaching for anything you put in front of her, including your face if you're close enough to her! She loves to grab on to my hair. She's quite the laid back baby and many times while Olivia is crying, she just sits and watches. She's this close to rolling over from her back to her stomach - she just needs to push her leg over just a pit and over she'll go. This morning when I went to get her up, I think she would have rolled over if it weren't for the fact that she was right next to the side of the crib. She smiles easily and when she gets excited she makes a high-pitched squealing noise, except that it's quiet. Sofia is also sitting very well in the bumbo seat and she has very good head control.

Olivia has started supporting her weight on her legs and she stands up quite a bit when she's in the exersaucer. She's not quite interested in rolling over yet (from either direction) but she finally doesn't mind tummy time. Along with Sofia, she's holding her head up very well and on her tummy she's lifting her upper body up very well. Olivia is a little more moody compared to Sofia - she's not at all a fussy baby, but she's quicker to cry. And while Sofia is quick to smile, Olivia sometimes takes a little longer to come around. She'll give you this look that seems to say "Are you kidding me?" but when she does come around, she has a huge smile which, along with her big blue eyes, makes your heart melt. When she's really excited she squeals (it sounds a little like a cat - haha!). Olivia reaches and grabs for things very well and when she gets her hands on a toy, she has a look of deep concentration as she examines whatever is in her hands.

Although they started noticing their feet a bit ago, they've both really become interested in their feet over the past couple of days. More often than not I find them laying on the floor, feet straight up in the air, and they're usually pulling their socks off. It's quite cute because I also get big smiles. The other funny thing they do is both girls are always more interested in the toy the other one is playing with. Their bumbo seats have trays that attach to them, and toys can attach to the tray. I put them in their seats and face them towards eachother so they can look at one another and it never fails - one always postpones playing with her toy so she can watch the other one playing with hers.

That's all for now....until next time!

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