Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Just a couple of Christmas pictures of the munchkins with their cousin Carter. We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with friends and family -- we sure did!

A couple of cute / funny stories:

My sister, R, has been trying to get Carter to give up his paci for months now and she finally convinced him to give it to Santa. At first they were going to leave it out with cookies on Christmas Eve but then they went to visit Santa at the mall. R talked about giving Santa the paci all day but she wasn't sure Carter was going to hand it over. She said she could tell he was thinking about it the whole time they were standing in line and in the picture with Santa he has his hand, protectively, on his pocket where his paci was. After pictures were taken, R and C walked over to Carter and helped him take his paci out of his pocket and he handed it right over to Santa. (He had already told Santa he wanted an orange jeep!). He's mentioned the paci a couple of times, but he's never looked back!!!

And finally. It was Christmas Eve morning and R let Carter sleep in. When she went to check on him, he was just waking up. She asked him if he wanted her to make breakfast. He shakes his head and says, in his sweet morning voice, "Yes. I want you fix me some cookies."

Too cute!!!

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