Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'll be the first to admit how blessed we are with
these girls. Not because of their health and how well they've done since their birth - that goes without saying. I'm talking about their personalities and how they seem to be easy babies. They've been sleeping through the night for at least 2 months.....they wake up smiling and they go to bed smiling......they don't cry very much..........neither D nor I have ever had to deal with crying babies where we couldn't console them.

Until tonight.

Olivia, as you can see, was quite the tired little girl. She could barely make it through dinner.....and we had carrots for the first time! Carrots were a hit, by the way, even for a sleepy girl. D and I were almost ready to sit down for dinner and Olivia started crying..........not a fussy "I'm not happy" cry.....a hard-red faced-real tears cry. Huge crocodile tears. I put her in the swing and that lasted long enough for me to sit down and get the first bite before the tears came again.

I rocked her. I carried her. I tried toys, the paci, the name it I tried it. No good. It was one of those moments I've heard so much about but, until now, we've been so lucky to avoid. D and I just sat there, Olivia in my arms with tears pouring and me on the verge of tears, and stared at eachother. It was the most frustrating feeling in the world to not be able to console her.

I think she was over-tired. She finally calmed down and had a little snack and is now peacefully sleeping in her room but wow. That was not fun.

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