Monday, November 17, 2008

Unhappy babies....but healthy babies!

The girls had their first RSV shot today. I know the people there think we have them on speed dial - we've been pestering them for weeks to get on their schedule. We're set to go through March or April - we don't know which.

They were both weighed today -- Sofia was 11lb 7oz and Olivia was 12lb 3oz. They told us when they get to 15lbs they'll have to get 2 shots..........we may finish before they get to 15 or at least they'll only have 1 month where they have to get 2 shots. I sure hope so! Poor little girls - they were so sweet while we were in the room - they were calm and just looking around. After the shots they were inconsolable for a few minutes but calmed down soon after, although they were pretty grouchy at home for the rest of the afternoon. Poor kiddos!

Here they are in a happier moment.....yesterday! Olivia is on the left, Sofia on the right.

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