Friday, November 14, 2008

I can't believe I forgot this story.......

My nephew, Carter, is two and is talking up a storm. His current favorite topic of conversation is asking if his mommy is going to get his Jeep. I believe Santa is going to be very good to Carter this year but Carter hasn't yet had a chance to talk to Santa so he's talking to my sister instead. He's such a sweet and funny kid.

My nickname for Carter has always been "little punk" or "punky"....I don't know how that came about - maybe some subconscious insight into the terrible twos! So being that I'm the responsible aunt, I've upheld my part in teaching Carter and he now proudly proclaims "I'm a PUNK!" I love it. You have to hear him say it to get the full experience.......the "P" is quite accented and there's a bit of a long "u" so it comes out like "Puuunk". Quite cute. In an effort to unravel my expert teaching, my mom (Grandma) has taught him to say "I'm an angel".

So my sister and I, along with Carter, were walking through a store about a week ago and Carter was being, well, a punk. His IS two, you know. We were making our way towards the register and Carter was working out his lungs and smiling at the same time and I said "Wow, Carter, you're a punk!" and he looks at me and, continuing to show off his lung power, says "I'm an ANGEL"..........except that his version of "angel" is more like "ess-hull". Think about it........say it quietly to got it?? Now do you get why my sister and I were looking at eachother with our mouths wide open? Do you blame us for quickening our pace to the register?? We wanted to make sure he didn't feel the need to keep letting the strangers around us know that he's an "ess-hull".

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