Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I can't believe......

that I waited in line for THREE hours to vote yesterday. Three. 180 minutes. I got to my location a little after three yesterday and the line was just as long as it was yesterday morning. Insanity! And D ended up waiting for almost FOUR hours. I know it's my right as well as my civic duty to vote but I gotta tell you...........there were many a minute standing in line where I was leaning towards feeling unpatriotic. Think darkness, cold and wind. They finally opened up the halls of the school and let us wind around inside to get out of the weather.

D ended up calling my sister to come and sit with the girls and he made it to our location around 6:30 just as I was leaving and the line for him was longer than when I waited. He was still waiting to vote when CNN was already projecting SC for McCain. Of course we all knew that was going to happen.....and there's more to voting than just for the presidency, but still.

I'm not sure exactly where the bottleneck was for our line to be so long. The one broken voting machine? Of course. Only having 2 people with the magic cards to start each machine when a new person came to vote? Yep. Grandma painstakingly typing each person's name into the computer with 2 fingers? You betcha. It was interesting - one table had a person who was going through the official list of people and checking them off as they went. My table had a guy from high school who was just taking drivers licenses and entering the names into the computer. I'm sure they went back and checked later. At least he was a whiz on the computer. A combination of all of the above and then some led to longer wait times. Our location was the longest wait I heard from my informal poll of family and friends.

Oh well. It's all over now and I met some new people - haha.

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