Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Olivia pictures

I went to vote this morning........holy cow the line was long!! I vote at an elementary school and the parking lot was full so people were parking along the highway and in front yards. And the line of people was almost to the road from the school. I estimate there were about 200 people in line....outside the school. I decided to get in to work early and I'm going to leave around 3 to try again and then I'll go home and D will go. It's all about logistics these days.

Here are a few pics of Olivia during tummy time last night. They both hate tummy time.....HATE it. I don't know when that happened since they used to love to sleep on their bellies.....I guess we don't put them on their bellies as much as they were in the hospital. D did figure out, though, if tummy time is separate...preferably while the other is sleeping, they seem to do much better. Who knows why that is but hey -- whatever works, right?!?! Sofia was sleeping last night and Olivia was wide awake. She did very well although you can see her deterioration in he last picture - ha! That was after about 10 minutes so we let her off the hook.

The girls continue to do great. They're eating squash this week and they love it. So far they're not picky eaters.....hopefully they'll stay that way! They're "talking" so much more - I've noticed over the past couple of days that they're getting more and more vocal. It's so cute - they'll sit there and look intently at you and make all kinds of baby noises. They're also more consistently reaching for toys. Especially Sofia - she tends to grab on and clench her little hand around the toy. They'll both hold on to these rattles they have and when they move their arms the rattles make noise. Quite cute.

I think they're both also becoming interested in rolling over. When they're laying on their backs, they both start turning to the side. They're not quite there just yet, but it should be soon. Funny, though....once they roll over they're going to realize they are on their tummies and they're going to hate it - haha.

That's about all from our world........until next time!

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