Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend.....what weekend?

Now that weekends aren't just another day, they really fly by. Faster than ever. We had a good weekend, though. Saturday was such a nice day.....a little windy, but nice. Mom and I bundled the girls up and took them for a walk in Falls Park. I think the last time I was in that park was the day of our wedding when I was having pictures taken. It's SO nice - plenty of walking paths (paved and wide enough for my double jogger with room to spare for people to pass). It wasn't crowded at all. Very nice.

Saturday evening we went to visit our friends R & R and their new little guy, Preston. You may remember the cake from Preston's shower......he's here!! And what a cutie!! A head full of dark hair and he seemed so tiny! He seemed tinier after we got home and I was holding Sofia. I doubt Preston will be available when they're all 30 and the girls are finally allowed to date....................

That was also quite an interesting visit because as D and I were walking up to the front door, we saw a guy wreck his dirt bike right in front of R's mom's house. He came flying around the corner and went into the yard across the street and hit the mailbox. I have this vision in my head of him in the air - upside-down like he was doing a cartwheel. He wasn't wearing a helmet. I rang the doorbell and D and I ran towards where he was laying in the street. D had called 911 and handed the phone to me. I was scared to death to walk over to him - he wasn't moving but I finally got close enough to where I could tell he was breathing. Quite scary. R (Preston's mom) is a nurse and she ran out and was able to take care of him until the first responders arrived.

The guy's wife was there - apparently they live a few houses down from where the accident happened - and she actually said "He's going to be fine -we just need to get him home." Really?? Don't you see the blood pooling under his head? There had been drinking involved, we learned, and I think the wife was participating as well. This guy's friend was definitely participating. I was standing in the intersection of 2 streets waiting for the emergency vehicles and I could hear the friend yelling "Maintaaaaaaaain, Man. Semper Fi. Maintaaaaaaain. Hoooah." Nice.

So! Quite an interesting start to our visit!

I have some pics from this weekend that I'll load tomorrow. The girls were quite cute all bundled up.

Until then.....

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