Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Milestones!

We've had a big week this week! We changed from greenbeans to sweet potatoes -yum! As evidenced by all the lip smacking and the cries because we can't get the spoon in their mouths fast enough, I think sweet potatoes are a hit. We've already turned our discussion to what we're going to try next week......stick with veggies? Bring in a fruit? We shall see! I think the girls are going to be foodies like their dad.

The girls are becoming aware of their hands as evidenced by the picture here of Sofia. It's funny how they tend to do things around the same time and noticing hands is no different.

They both like to see how far the hand can go into the mouth! Along with noticing the hands came our newest milestone yesterday......reaching!!! Both girls started reaching for toys yesterday!!! D saw Olivia doing it before I got home from work and last night we saw both of them. I was holding Olivia and D's mom was holding Sofia. They were staring intently at the toy we were holding for them. It was so interesting to watch - they would stare at the toy then their hands and arms would start to move - small movements at first. Then their hands would start to move towards the toy until they were touching the toy. Then they would wrap their hands around the toy and smile. Quite cool.
So! All is well in our house. The girls go back to the follow-up clinic tomorrow - the PT wanted to check their neck motion and their heads since both girls tend to favor their right side. We put toys in their cribs and turned them to lay on their left side -- I think it's worked really well. I hope the PT is pleased with their progress - we certainly are.

Included are a few other pictures: (ii) girls bundled for our walk on Saturday - Olivia-L; Sofia-R; (iii) sisters (I love this pic!) Sofia-L; Olivia-R; (iv) Me and the girls - I realized this past weekend that we don't have many pictures of D or me with the girls - Olivia-L; Sofia-R.

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