Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mi Corazon De Mi Vida

My heart of my life. That's what D calls the girls when he's talking to them. I love that.I love watching him with them. When the girls were born, their birthday was a whirlwind of activity - we barely had time to process what was going on - yet I can remember D's voice in the delivery room when they were born. I remember his face when they took us to the NICU once the girls were settled in - they were 2 hours old and I was in a drug-induced haze but I still remember D. He was SO excited to meet these little girls. Once we were able to hold the girls, we would sit for hours holding and talking to them. D didn't know many kid songs so he would make up the funniest songs. Most of them were about food. He still does that -- he makes up the funniest songs to sing to them. He's a great dad and those girls love him. So do I.

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